Tension – a key leverage point

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As managers, you’re expected to work with your team members, peers and stakeholders to achieve organizational results. How you deal with tension impacts the quality of your relationships and how others experience you.

Tension is the signal that there are differences in the way something is being viewed. There are two typical ways of dealing with tension. The first is to see tension as wrong and try to take control and get the action “right.” The other way is to work through the tension with dialogue and communication. Specially targeted at managers, this program is suitable for you if the following questions resonate:

  • As a manager, what can you do to better manage tension in a way that leads to personal growth and better rapport with your team?
  • What is your leadership stand and how does that impact how you manage tension?
  • What are the personal values that matter most to you and how do they impact the way you manage tension?

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