The art of inquiry – the power of curiosity

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This unique course has the power to teach a leader how to leverage his or her thinking.

Think of a pencil or pen and its impact on civilization. Contracts signed, books written, declarations and love songs put to paper. Such a small tool has had such a powerful impact. Yet to look at pencil or pen, you would never dream of its capacity to bring such change.

So it is with the simple tool of inquiry and asking questions. The questions a leader asks form the very thinking of an organization. Change the questions and change the organization!

Few leaders realize how to use the power of inquiry to work with others and how the right questions can expose faults in thinking, lead to a new, deeper way of thinking and reveal the heart of the issue.

Key elements include:

Why ask questions? Where do we start? What’s behind a question? How do you ask effective questions? How do you provide context for your questions?