Training and development

A Comprehensive Approach

Green Bench Training focuses on transformational learning, a blend of education, organizational development, leadership and communication. Green Bench work with you in these areas to help you understand where you are and where you want to go, forming a process to drive ownership, growth, values and reinforce learning at all levels.

Green Bench Training is designed to be most effective amid relationship-centric projects, where the human side of leadership and the importance of dialogue are essential for any meaningful progress. Ultimately, we aim to organize and bring clarity and action to the following areas based on the needs and objectives of the organization:

Tension, embracing it and seeing it as a vital part of leadership and organizational development.

Leadership and the art of being fully present in the midst of tension and change.

The importance of words and how they frame our relationships.

What are those values we must keep and how to defend them in the midst of change.

Relational systems and how to succeed in the midst of them.

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