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If you can’t talk about it you can’t change it


What we offer

Green Bench Consulting exists to help people deal with change. We work with people from all walks to deal with uncertainty, engage their organization, utilize their strengths and move forward. Whether in the midst of personal, interpersonal, team or organizational transformations-Green Bench Consulting is committed to helping people build trust and maximize potential.

Business Coaching

Expert Guidance

Executive Coaching is like helping someone repair their own glasses. They can’t see clear enough to fix them when they are off but also, can’t fix them when they are on. Similarly, Executives and CEOs are often too close to their thinking or values to view them critically, or from another perspective.

As your Executive Coach, Green Bench enables leaders to reflect on how their thinking and value systems can be perceived across their organization.Understanding what is relevant and what needs to change is paramount to strong, effective leadership. Through safe, in-depth dialogue and questions, Green Bench endeavors to help Executives clarify their limitations, offer strategic support and help them reach their maximum potential. By doing this, the organization can move forward.

Training and development

A Comprehensive Approach

Green Bench Training focuses on transformational learning, a blend of education, organizational development, leadership and communication. Green Bench work with you in these areas to help you understand where you are and where you want to go, forming a process to drive ownership, growth, values and reinforce learning at all levels.

Green Bench Training is designed to be most effective amid relationship-centric projects, where the human side of leadership and the importance of dialogue are essential for any meaningful progress. Ultimately, we aim to organize and bring clarity and action to the following areas based on the needs and objectives of the organization:

Tension, embracing it and seeing it as a vital part of leadership and organizational development.

Leadership and the art of being fully present in the midst of tension and change.

The importance of words and how they frame our relationships.

What are those values we must keep and how to defend them in the midst of change.

Relational systems and how to succeed in the midst of them.

Business Consulting

The Path to Success

At Green Bench Consulting we are firm believers that to deal with change, people need to tackle difficult questions. Giving a roadmap as to where these conversations begin is where Green Bench has impact. As the dialogue around change evolves it will shine light on issues that need to be addressed. Green Bench is committed to being fully present throughout these turbulences, delivering the very best outcome for you and your organization.


CEO, Consultant

As a young boy, Matt loved taking things apart to discover how they worked. Whether a toy, transistor radio or an idea, Matt was reverse engineering something. Taking the complex and making it understandable is part of his drive. This passion grew to a desire to help organizations and individuals understand how they function within themselves and in global markets of today’s world.

His ability to create real-world, useful solutions was the basis for founding Green Bench Consulting.

For Dr. Rawlins, life offered him a journey where he would be able to effect a change on people all over the world. From Asia and the Pacific Rim, to Europe and Africa, Dr. Rawlins has traveled to over 30 nations aiding in the development of both non-profit and professional organizations. His experiences and complex communication abilities have enabled him to become very effective in helping community and business leaders to navigate dilemma's they face...


Clients we work with

Deutsche Bank, YTL Corporation Berhad, Allen & Gledhill Advocates & Solicitors, SIMTECH, MediaCorp, Greenleaf Asia, Shangri-la Hotel group, Government of Ethiopia (37 MP’s in a leadership workshop), Inclusive Education Conference in Singapore and Keppel Land, Center for Effecting Living, DPEX Worldwide, TCA College, Meta, World Vision, Silk Air, National Institute of Education, National Junior College, Unilever in Pakistan and Indonesia.


An overview – start here

This session gives a brief overview of the material and how it is all tied together.

Start here to get a sense of how you might work with it in order to get the most out of it.

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Tension – a key leverage point

As managers, you’re expected to work with your team members, peers and stakeholders to achieve organizational results. How you deal with tension impacts the quality of your relationships and how others experience you.

Tension is the signal that there are differences in the way something is being viewed. There are two typical ways of dealing with tension. The first is to see tension as wrong and try to take control and get the action “right.” The other way is to work through the tension with dialogue and communication. Specially targeted at managers, this program is suitable for you if the following questions resonate:

  • As a manager, what can you do to better manage tension in a way that leads to personal growth and better rapport with your team?
  • What is your leadership stand and how does that impact how you manage tension?
  • What are the personal values that matter most to you and how do they impact the way you manage tension?
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The art of inquiry – the power of curiosity

This unique course has the power to teach a leader how to leverage his or her thinking.

Think of a pencil or pen and its impact on civilization. Contracts signed, books written, declarations and love songs put to paper. Such a small tool has had such a powerful impact. Yet to look at pencil or pen, you would never dream of its capacity to bring such change.

So it is with the simple tool of inquiry and asking questions. The questions a leader asks form the very thinking of an organization. Change the questions and change the organization!

Few leaders realize how to use the power of inquiry to work with others and how the right questions can expose faults in thinking, lead to a new, deeper way of thinking and reveal the heart of the issue.

Key elements include:

Why ask questions? Where do we start? What’s behind a question? How do you ask effective questions? How do you provide context for your questions?

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