We live and work in a complex and changing world. This creates tension that is an ongoing part of our leadership. These modules get you to look at tension, the core aspects of how all humans deal with it and how you can reframe it from a weakness in your leadership to an opportunity for you and your team to grow through it.

An overview – start here

This module gives a brief overview of all the materials in this program. It is to give you a taste of all the competencies and a list of the elements you will have the joy of discovering in each of the modules. There is no work in this module, it is just to give you a big picture of the module and how it is all linked together.

Tension – a key leverage point

As managers, you’re expected to work with your team members, peers and stakeholders to achieve organizational results. How you deal with tension impacts the quality of your relationships and how others experience you.

Tension is the signal that there are differences in the way something is being viewed. There are two typical ways of dealing with tension. The first is to see tension as wrong and try to take control and get the action “right.” The other way is to work through the tension with dialogue and communication. Specially targeted at managers, this program is suitable for you if the following questions resonate:

  • As a manager, what can you do to better manage tension in a way that leads to personal growth and better rapport with your team?
  • What is your leadership stand and how does that impact how you manage tension?
  • What are the personal values that matter most to you and how do they impact the way you manage tension?

The art of inquiry – the power of curiosity

This module explores the most basic skill set of dealing with uncertainty. It looks at the power of inquiry and how the questions you ask create the focus for your thinking and work. Working to master a growth mindset through inquiry will give you the power to learn and adapt in any situation.

Naming – the essence of communication

We have the creative ability to name the world. This means the power of our words defines our relationship with others and the world around us. This module will lay a clear foundation for the power and authority inherent in you to identify the tensions of the world. It will also help to explore the ability to change the words you use and develop new options for dealing with change.

Leadership – How to defend what has value while being vulnerable

Values-based leadership requires a growing discernment in how to be wisely defensive. In the tensions of an uncertain world, we need to be open and vulnerable and yet clear on protecting those things that are vital to our survival.

When we aren’t clear in how to be wisely defensive, we move toward an unhealthy defensiveness, which often manifests itself in trying to maintain control.

While we are struggling with trying to get control, we then unconsciously seek power and limit our capacity to grow and build healthy relationships.

This course helps leaders understand the importance of defense as a gift and how to use it wisely in leadership.

Values-based leadership – working from within

These are the issues of the heart and are the engine that drives healthy performance and keeps us sharp and focused. The way values communicate is through our emotions, so there is a capacity of emotional intelligence that is required to be effective in a tension-filled world. This module will help you understand how to work with the heart as well as the head. Without the engine of clear values, you will not have the energy to face all the changes needed.

Five competencies for leading in the midst of uncertainty

We live in uncertain times.

There is tension. We feel vulnerable. We get defensive. We stop asking questions and then our communication gets distorted. We can’t deal with the real issues anymore, and this weakens our relationships.

The fruit of this is a loss of trust. As a result, we are not effective in the midst of uncertainty.

There are five key areas that all relationships must work with. If you know what they are, you will be better prepared to work with other people in any situation.

How to be fully present – humility in leadership

The fruit of these four areas is seen in a leader’s ability to be fully present in the midst of tension. It is only as a leader brings a calming presence and engages people around the issues of the heart that a team or organization can truly adapt and be productive. This module looks at the power of humility and the three expressions of it needed for a leader to deal effectively with the challenging relationships created through a changing world.

Personal application

This last module is looking at the challenges of applying the materials. It is here to help you think about, “Where do I go from here?” It is not given as an answer, but it is making space for people to share their own stories of their successes and failures in the journey to being more human and thus alive.

The goal of this module is:
To create a few examples and tools to help people take another step –
While creating space for them to share what they have discovered through the course.

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